Consent Form Harasses Evacuees in Osaka: 大阪府の避難者向け誓約書について

1795759_612623032162258_4348843621305947926_nいわゆる「黄金週間」だというのに、とてもイビツで非人道的な話です。NHK関西ラジオワイド(明日4/28の午後5時20分頃~)「避難者向け公営住宅 延長時の『誓約書』を考える」より、衝撃的な大阪府がでっちあげている恐ろしい誓約書の文面が明らかに。フェイスブックなどでシェアされていますので、大阪の姉妹都市であるサンフランシスコ在住者として、ぜひ一緒に考えながら、避難者支援に心をよせましょう。

Survivors of 2011 North East Earthquake in Osaka public housing are asked to sign this ludicrously inhuman form of consent when they extend their stay. Needless to say, this is addressed to the notorious ultra-right wing sexist/classist/racist governor of Osaka… Below is the quote from NHK Kansai Radio Wide “Discussion on the Consent Form for Osaka’s Public Housing for Evacuees” (April 28th, 2014) We need to support evacuees in Osaka as SF is the sister city of Osaka!
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Form of Consent
Dear Governor of Osaka
I am a survivor of North East Earthquake.
Hereby, I consent to observe restrictions for renters upon the facilities that I am allowed to use temporarily such as Osaka prefectural public housing,. I understand that I rent my housing as a part of generous relief for emergency cases, so I hereby consent my removal by the date stated by Osaka prefecture. I also consent to obey Osaka’s request and will leave if I violate my obligation to preserve the property, causing any damage, inconvenience or annoyance to other residents. I consent to renounce any right to my belongings if I leave them in the property after my departure. I consent to pay the cost of the removal or disposal of these remaining belongings in the property when requested by the prefecture of Osaka.