BAD (Bay Area Downstreamers… or just “BAD” is fine) Seaweed is a hodgepodge of anti-nukes associated projects.
It is not a solid advocacy group, but rather, we are a chunk of curious people who are concerned about the issues of radiation, nuclear-military-industrial complex. so we are not into creating “raising awareness” approach in the “Did you know?…What can you do…” format. We know that you are awake  as much as we are even though we might speak some different languages and express things differently from one another. We know that each one of us has the power and solutions already. All we do is to put our feet in the water and coax, and create waves to swim in!

Contributors on BAD Seaweed include beach bums like:

  • Mari Matsumoto (松本麻里), a Kanto-based feminist writer/ activist, the founder of No Nukes More Feminisms. 関東に住みながら、No Nukes More Feminismsでフェミニズムの視点から、3.11以降のニュースや取り組みを発信している。「被爆社会年報#1」に寄稿。

Please contact us if you have any suggestions, comments, or deals!

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