6.30 ニューヨークに原発はいらない! インディアン・ポイント原発、即廃炉!!@東京の素人の乱 Shut Down Indian Point Now! Talk with Yuko Tonohira in Tokyo

(English below Japanese) 先月のキャロル久末さんのディアブロ・キャニオン原発談話に続いて、日米市民がかけるほんとの外圧イベント第二弾はニューヨーク



yukoyukoyuko殿平有子さんについて:北海道生まれ、ブルックリン地区在住のイラストレーター、翻訳家。2011年の東北大震災以降、Todos Somos Japonを立ち上げ、日本と米国で起きている人々の活動の橋渡しする活動を行ってきた。ニュー ヨークを訪れた居住者や避難者、そしてトモダチ作戦によって被曝した元米海軍兵 などへのインタビューやその翻訳、内部被曝や核燃料サイクルなどについての教育的な資料づくり、デモの企画、国際ウラニウム映画祭のナバホ・ネーションと ニューヨークでの企画・実行などを手がけており、その活動はAdbuster誌からも取り上げられた。「デモ!オキュパイ!未来のための直接行動」(三一書房)、「原発を止める人びと-3・11から官邸前まで」(文藝春秋社)などに寄稿。


日時: 2014年6月30日(月) 午後7時〜9時ぐらい
場所: 素人の乱12号店 (東京都杉並区高円寺北3丁目8-12 フデノビル2F 奥の部屋)
代金: カンパよろしくおねがいします

萩谷海 amnioticfluid@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/298002310376607

We had so much fun and mutual learning last month with Carole Hisasue and many Tokyo and Kanto-based anti-nukes folks in Koenji and in Sangenjaya! Much thanks to those who showed up…and sorry for not creating any report yet!
June 30th will be another Japan-US anti-nukes talk event with Yuko Tonohira of Todos Somos Japon / n.o.n.u.k.e.s n.y.c.! (English below Japanese) and Sister Kathleen Riley who is originally from New York’s Maryknoll Sisters (11miles from Indian Point), who has been working with children who have cancer and their families at National Cancer Center in Tokyo. Let’s hear from them about what is happening in New York, and how people are surviving the ongoing Fukushima over there and their aging reactor!

Yuko Tonohira is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who has been active on issues of demilitarization, decolonization both in US and in Japan. Particurally after the March 11th, 2011, she co-founded a collective Todos Somos Japon. The group had interviewed various people from Fukushima evacuees to those plaintiffs who were irradiated from their labor on US Donald Raegan. Yuko has organized the International Uranium Festival in NYC as well as supporting the ones in Navajo Nation.

Kathleen Reiley studied at Pennsylvania State Univ. Hospital and has been involved in providing emotional and psychological support for children with cancer and their families for over 20 years mainly at the National Cancer Hospital in Tokyo. Helping to enhance a sense of community among the children, their families and the staff is a key element to sound physical and emotional health for all.

Date: June 30th, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm
Address: Shiroto no Ran 12 Go ten at Fudeno Bld. 2nd FL, Koenji Kita 3-8-12, Suginamiku, Tokyo
Fee: Donation please, to a certain extent that doesn’t hurt your day and night
Contact: amnioticfluid@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/298002310376607
Language: The event will be held in Japanese, but both Yuko and I are bilingual, and it is a very important time where people who speak different languages can get information regarding nukes and connect, so please come stop by.

3 thoughts on “6.30 ニューヨークに原発はいらない! インディアン・ポイント原発、即廃炉!!@東京の素人の乱 Shut Down Indian Point Now! Talk with Yuko Tonohira in Tokyo

  1. Thank you for your good work, We must close down all nuclear power plants throughout the world. They are ticking time bombs. The earth cannot endure another Fukushima disasater..
    Tom Siracuse, Chair

    • Thank you so much, Tom. I appreciate so much for the work of ShutDownIndianPointNow! I had met some of your members when I visited NYC back in 2012! We are hoping to report this event too!

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