Volunteer for the Global Day of Action on Military Spending/ 米国の2015年の軍事予算に異議あり!BART主要駅でのパンフレット配りボランティア募集中!

The Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS)
This is a great day of grassroots activity, education and pressure on the US Congress to Move the Money from the Pentagon to fund human needs and jobs. A day when all will be reminded that not all pay their fair share, as well! The US Congress and the President have been locked in cycles of brinkmanship over the federal budget priorities  and deficits that have brought the vast and wasteful Pentagon budget into public scrutiny.  The general public overwhelmingly supports cuts to military spending when shown the facts and the trade offs between human services and the Pentagon. There is a broad and growing movement of peace, community and economic justice groups pushing for new federal budget priorities.  This makes GDAMS and Tax Day in the US a particularly auspicious occasion this year.
We will stand with the rest of the world to bear witness to the fact that military spending, especially the impact of US military spending stands as the major obstacle to addressing the crisis problems all of our peoples face globally. Volunteers Needed!
We will support passing out educational materials to the commuters at major BART stations with our local anti-nukes organizations!
Location: Dublin-Pleasanton BART station, MacArthur BART station
Sponsor: Tri-Valley CAREs, Western States Legal Foundation, BAD Seaweed, No Nukes Action Committee
Contact: Umi Hagitani amnioticfluid@gmail.com or 917-774-4079
Preparation: visit here to know the basics http://peaceblog.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/april-15-tax-daygdams-new-materials-organizing-tips/

4月14日(月)は、BARTの主要な駅で、今回の核兵器関連予算に対して、人々に知ってもらうためにパンフレット配りを行います。Dublin-Pleasanton駅では、リバモア核兵器研究所を地元に抱える反核団体Tri-Valley CAREs、MacArthur駅では、オークランドで核兵器撤廃を訴え続けている団体Western States Legal Foundationが主催して、朝の7時から9時、そして夕方の4時から6時にパンフレットを配ります。未経験の方、手ぶらでも大丈夫ですので、ふるってご参加ください。
場所:  Dublin-Pleasanton BART station, MacArthur BART station
スポンサー: Tri-Valley CAREs, Western States Legal Foundation, BAD Seaweed, No Nukes Action Committee
連絡先: Umi Hagitani amnioticfluid@gmail.com or 917-774-4079

Did you know?
•    More than 17,000 nuclear weapons, most held by the U.S. and Russia, pose an intolerable threat to humanity. The International Red Cross has warned that “incalculable human suffering” will result from any use of nuclear weapons, and that there can be no adequate humanitarian response.
•    As currently planned, maintaining and modernizing the U.S. nuclear arsenal will exceed $1 trillion
over the next 30 years!
•    The bi-partisan U.S. Conference of Mayors has called on the President and Congress to slash nuclear weapons spending and to redirect those funds to meet the urgent needs of cities, declaring: “Our nation’s deep economic crisis can only be addressed by adopting new priorities to create a sustainable economy for the 21st century.”
•    Our government should be working in good faith to eliminate all nuclear arms, not wasting more of our tax dollars to “modernize” these weapons of mass destruction.

On March 24th in Hague, several countries including Japan agreed with the US’s request to return their weapon-grade plutonium and high enriched uranium to the US. Originally, US gave uranium to these countries during as a part of nuclear age defense/development. US announced that the it is succeeding in stop further nuclear proliferation world wide, and secure these weapon materials from terrorists. At the same time, the US is doubling its military budget more than ever. For FY 2014, we use about 2 million dollars per an hour solely for nuclear weapon making or refurbishing. Just like Apple computer came up with iPhone-C, it is already very unnecessary and not transparent to rate payers like us. For the next fiscal year 2015, this budget will be doubled up to almost 4 million dollars per an hours, without no increase in allocating budget for nuclear decontamination or safety implementation (while DOE or Livemore often promise radioactive communities near Fukushima Daiichi, Hanford Site, and Livermore). What is going to happen to these ready-to-use quality plutonium? Either it is depleted (fully-charged) or ready-to use, where do these radioactive materials go? Do they go to the Navajo Nation to be dumped, Los Alamos Nuclear Weapon Testing Lab, or to the Lawrence Livermore Weapon Making Lab (38 miles from Berkeley/Oakland area)? Whether these materials are stored or used to make/maintain weapons in Livermore, the contamination will definitely be increased in the area, and will attack citizens like us who are already increasingly attacked by joblessness and the poverty. We have no way to agree with this wasteful spending.

3月24日オランダのハーグで開かれていた核安全保障サミットにて、日米両政府は、日本にある数百キロに上るプルトニウムと高濃縮ウランを米国 政府に変換することに決定しました。米国政府よりのメディアは、この取り決めを核拡散防止への一歩として喜んでいます。しかし米国では、同時に自国の軍事 費における核兵器関連費用の割り当てを一気に増やそうとしています。2014年度予算で、米国は一時間あたり200万ドルの予算を核兵器関連費用に充て、 来年度の2015年にはその額を倍にしようとしています。そしてその内訳を見ると、あれほどフクシマやマーシャル諸島、ハンフォード・サイト、リバモア研 究所、ロスアラモスや先住民の人々の土地などで地域住民に約束をしてきた(実行は伴っていなくとも、約束は継続してきている)除染や安全格納、地域での線 量や健康調査などに使う額は去年と変わりません。ベイエリアのどこにいても、国立ローレンス・リバモア核兵器研究所からの距離は38マイル程度なので、こ の軍事費の問題は、そっくりそのまま私達の生活に関わってきます。リバモアはとくに近年の不況にあおられ、地域での就職難や貧困率が高まってきています。 私達の「安全」は他によって定義されるものではなく、私達が決めることです。一時間に400万ドルあったら、教育、職業訓練、食事、除染…さまざまなこと に使えます。

Resources/ 参考資料:

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